Never Famous was developed by seasoned music industry experts and enthusiasts to better connect traveling entertainment groups with the contractors they will need while on tour. Tour groups, whether a band, festival, TV show or traveling broadway musical, need competent staff members knowledgeable, willing and able to perform their tasks with a high level of expertise and professionalism day-in and day-out. And, these highly skilled contractors need a means to market their expertise, and let themselves be known by the tours. The Never Famous staff make efforts to maintain the integrity of the site by pre-screening all tour groups and contractors who must be referred, recommended or provide references before being included in the system.

How it Works

One challenge faced by these traveling entertainment tours, is availability. When a tour is being put together, the tour group has to source available personnel. They may have their go-to contractors, but the contractors are also seeking work and trying to fill their schedule with opportunities, so availability is a challenge.

Availability Search

NeverFamous has built its search algorithm around an availability calendaring system, categories and positions. Contractors maintain an availability calendar along with their level of flexibility so that tours can more easily find the staff members. Advanced search criteria include experience, daily and weekly salaries and gender for any more specific needs required by the tour.

Directory Search

Additionally, tours can drill down categorically to view contractors by the services they offer and regardless of availability.

Stay Organized

The tours also have a means to follow (Favorite) the contractors, which effectively builds a list of preferred candidates for various services needed. This provides the tours with the ability to more easily shop contractors for their tours as they grow their Favorites directory over time.


Contractors build their profiles with a photo, services offered, notable tours, references, nearest airports, and a resume. They also have the ability to post photos and messages in a social wall.