Live Event Tour Staffing

Done Socially & Responsibly

Never Famous connects touring staff candidates with bands, entertainment producers, and managers looking to staff live event tours.

Connecting Tours & Tour Personnel

Touring personnel need a way to market their expertise, and let their availability be known within the industry. At the same time, bands, festivals, TV shows, traveling Broadway musicals, and other touring groups need competent and diverse personnel who perform their tasks with a high level of expertise and professionalism day-in and day-out. Both groups are trying to connect with each other. To do this, a central database is needed in order to broaden the chance of making this connection. By building a central database, the industry is able to break out of the current cycle of peer-to-peer, or word-of-mouth, referrals as the primary way to hire and get hired.

“Never Famous connects both sides of the event touring industry all on a single platform!”

Jerome Crooks, Tour Manager – Nine Inch Nails

How it Works

Never Famous bridges the gap between tour management looking for staffing candidates, and tour professionals looking for work opportunities. Candidate availability calendars, profiles, past experience, credentials, and more are user-curated and easily accessible to tour management on the Never Famous community.

“Availability calendars help tour groups find staff for their specific tour dates, which is a huge benefit during the frantic tour season!”

-Damien Nelson, Partner – Never Famous

Building a Globally Diverse Community

We believe the way our music industry sources talent is outdated, and ready for a change. Never Famous exists to meet that need. Our mission is to create a more efficient process for connecting tour groups, recruiters and production companies with the wealth of industry talent who are ready, able, and available to serve this vibrant and diverse industry.

“… committed to really making sure that representation is truly diverse behind the scenes with the Never Famous database. It is not ‘friends of friends.’ There is a real representation of females as well as people of color…”

– Samantha Kirby Yohs, She is the Music


Live Event Tour Staffing