Benefitting MusiCares and The Roadie Clinic

LEVL UP Fest will be a free virtual event and featured on NoCap Shows and Twitch at 8:30 PM EST on 12/16/2020.

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“Almost my whole adult life I have been touring in one shape or form and the road crews on my team and the venue crews that welcomed us and helped us put on a great show are all part of my extended touring family. They really make it possible for artists like me to do what we do, and they are truly unsung heroes. They are also the first to be hit hard by a situation like this so part of our mission at NoCap is to get shows happening again and get these good people back to work. This cause that LEVL up is supporting is the essence of that as well and it was only right that we get involved and give back to those who have given so much to us and our fans. It wasn’t ever a question.” 

-Cisco Adler


The LEVL UP Fest team says their top priority is to support the people behind live events. They also feel the lessons learned in 2020 demand that they pay attention to coming back stronger, more resilient and more diverse than they were before. To achieve this, they’ve named three beneficiaries for funds raised by the festival. MusiCares and The Roadie Clinic are two of those organizations whose focus is on critical assistance in times of need and mental health and wellness support. With an eye on the future, LEVL UP Fest named the Country Music Association Foundation (CMAF) as their third beneficiary with funds to be used for the CMA EDU program, supporting LEVL UP’s goal of strengthening and diversifying the industry through outreach, education and job placement. Donations can be made at any time now through December at

Support the Cause

Visit to learn more about the festival and shop their merch store, where 50% of every purchase will be donated back to LEVL UP Fest.   Text “LIFTUP” to 707070 to donate to LEVL UP Fest and their beneficiaries.  Follow on IG @LEVLUPFEST and on FB @LEVLUPFestival and stay tuned for exclusive artist interviews and features.  Watch the show on Wednesday, December 16th at 8:30PM.


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